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Wireless flashing doorbell
« on: 05 Mar 2012 04:21PM »
Does anyone know of a good wireless flashing doorbell that has a really good flash on it? I've seen a few but they are the kind where if you happened to be looking at the flashing thing in a dimly lit room you might (but might not) notice it flashing. I'm after something more like the phone strobes you get, ones that cut across the room even in daylight so you would definitely notice it, ideally you'd notice it even if you had your eyes closed. I spend a lot of time sleeping in daylight, I need something which can attract my attention in those circumstances.


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Re: Wireless flashing doorbell
« Reply #1 on: 05 Mar 2012 04:45PM »
This any good?  The description does say it's for doorbells as well as phone but it's also over £40.  >yikes<
My mum has a similar thing by this manufacturer so that she hears the phone (she's HoH), it's been working with no problems for at least a couple of years (though I know a sample of one isn't a recommedation).