Author Topic: Heal a broken bones in days?  (Read 1288 times)


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Heal a broken bones in days?
« on: 02 Mar 2012 04:48PM »
Scientist from the University of Georgia Regenerative Bioscience Centre have come up with a solution to shorten the healing time of a facture treatment. They have used adult stem cells to produce a protein for bone healing and generation. The team have been working with Dr John Peroni from the UGA College of Veterianry Medicine and have been using a stabilising device and inserted a putty (gel combined with healing properties) into fractures in animals such as rats, sheeps and pigs. Videos show that the animals were healed within a few weeks and there was no evidence of injury.

Read the full review -

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Re: Heal a broken bones in days?
« Reply #1 on: 03 Mar 2012 01:45PM »
"For many young soldiers, their mental health becomes a real issue when they are confined to a bed for three to six months after an injury," he said. "This discovery may allow them to be up and moving as fast as days afterward."

An interesting motivation for research.

The faster bone healing putty will certainly make a big difference to the lives of disabled people who break a bone, however I am worried about the fact it is necessary to test the theory and practical application of sciences on animals including larger mammals.


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Re: Heal a broken bones in days?
« Reply #2 on: 03 Mar 2012 02:18PM »
I dunno about that - given the choice of having old horse destroyed or having him in a sling for a fortnight and living... then bring on the putty!

(large animals cannot be immobilised for long periods, which is why horses are euthanised if they break a limb).

Conversly, testing on a sheep seems stupid - the daft beggar will only go out and throw itself into a beck / fence / gully or lie on its back until dead.
The downside is being unable to test the longterm effects... some stem cell work has had some long term negative consequences in humans that didn't occur in tested animals, as they dont live long enough.

They wouldn't have to break the limbs of horses or sheep - there are enough happening that it would just mean refering to a vet hospital.
Not sure about pigs- a pig with a broken leg is pork!