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A message for Boris Johnson
« on: 09 Jun 2021 05:52PM »
9 JUN 2021 —
Remember the face behind the mask
Remember the nurse who stepped up to the task
Remember their eyes and all they have seen
Remember our nurses and where they have been
Remember the hands and the warmth of their touch
Remember the nurse who has witnessed too much
Remember the voices with words left unspoken
Remember our nurses with their minds now left broken
Remember the parents sending their children away
Remember the nurse who had little choice but to stay
Remember their fear when they were asked to be brave
Remember our nurses working with a foot in the grave
Remember the neighbour who was too exhausted to eat
Remember the nurse staring into the face of defeat
Remember the friend who is no longer the same
Remember our nurses left thinking they are to blame
Remember being told to stay home in your safe place
Remember the nurse being told to pick up the pace
Remember the nights tucked up safe in your bed
Remember our nurses on shift who were counting the dead
Remember the virus and the lives it has taken
Remember the nurse who is now left forsaken
Remember those days with your family at home
Remember our nurses at home on their own
Remember the pressure damage caused by PPE
Remember the nurse behind the mask now has PTSD
Remember the family holidays cancelled at a cost
Remember our nurses and the time off they have lost
Remember the families of all those heroes in blue
Remember the nurses who have died – saving you
Remember now whilst you are rebuilding your life
Remember the nurses lost were someone’s husband or wife
Remember the scenes of patients survived and leaving ITU
Remember the nurses lining corridors who stood clapping for you
Remember the photographs of families when finally reunited
Remember photographs of nurses and how they’ve only just survived it
Remember us as human beings that too have mouths to feed
Remember us as people who have our own lives to lead
Remember us as warriors who gave it all we’ve got
Remember the nurses lost and forget them we shall not
Remember the country being served with the upmost accord
Remember a governments’ promise of recognition and reward
Remember the nationwide applause that were weekly praised by Boris
Remember the day he served our nurses with another broken promise
Written by Niaomi Gordon

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Re: A message for Boris Johnson
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jun 2021 07:57PM »
I think Boris and his ilk remember nurses in a pandemic the way former and present leaders remember(ed) WW1 war dead from the trenches.  WW1 was, IMO, a family punch-up between royals over whose empire was whose, made worse by vast numbers of people in umpteen countries having their natural borders messed around with again and again and again by leaders also playing divide and rule.

Then what passed for peace came and people came home and the government made token gestures towards caring for war pensioners, probably to avoid a Russian-style revolution.  But then something wonderful happened for the politicians - the development of annual remembrance then that lovely poppy symbol.

And every year, the political leaders put on a big show of remembrance.  In the background are the inevitable fights over whether it's ok to remember our enemies' dead, and whether it's ok to wear white poppies.  Media outlets use it as an opportunity to argue over who's wearing the right clothes or laying their wreath the right way round, but rarely as an opportunity to query why we're still fighting wars that could, like WW1, have been avoided.

Then after they've laid their wreaths and taken off the poppies, the politicians can go back to selling armaments to nasty regimes, helping people to kill non-combatants in war zones etc.

So our politicians can clap for the NHS, say how wonderful NHS staff are, but carry on selling it off and privatising as many roles as possible, reducing pay and worsening working conditions for many NHS staff.
(I'm an obsessive problem-solver, so feel free to ignore any suggestions or solutions I offer, even if they sound terribly insistent.)