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Does anyone know?
« on: 30 Mar 2020 04:28PM »
I've been trying, without success, to find out if I would be liable to a fine if I were to travel to my nearest RBS branch to deposit cash into my account. I've spent ages on the RBS call lines and tried asking Police Scotland but got nowhere.

Why are bank branches being allowed to stay open if no one can actually use them? The last call I had was with the coronavirus helpline and the only suggestion the lass with whom I spoke could make was for me to tell any Police officers that might pull me over that I was shopping in a nearby supermarket. I'd far sooner know before I find myself facing a fine what the position is.

I've just came off the phone to my MP's office and the advice I've been given is that it should be possible for me to visit the bank and for me to keep any receipt's I get to provide evidence of the purpose of my being out and about. The other suggestion was to combine my visiting the bank with some shopping, again keeping and receipts.
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Re: Does anyone know?
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The evidence is that Police are being reasonable, I went to my cleaning job then to the supermarket walking past the police office. No one bothered me, I intend to go out tomorrow but will combine all journeys, I’d suggest you go to the bank, then get in necessary supplies, if you are met by police speak to them and if you have a reasonable reason for going out they’re unlikely to fine you.
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