Author Topic: Happy to have caught a flight  (Read 620 times)


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Happy to have caught a flight
« on: 22 Mar 2020 08:42PM »
Good evening all :-)  I've managed to get back from Berlin a few days earlier than intended as I wasn't entirely sure my scheduled flight wouldn't be cancelled at the last moment leaving me with only one day to get back before I would find myself breaking the 28 day limit to my being out of the country.

I'm having problems typing away here on my wee notebook because of real pain in my right shoulder when sitting forward. Back on the 6th of March, around 6 in the morning, my friend had to call a doctor for me due to my right hand scaring the living daylights out of me. I had felt a sudden sharp pain and then found my right hand had no feeling and just hanging limp at the end of my arm. The doctor told my friend to call the emergency services and get me to a hospital. Everything went well and I was home again a few hours later with advice to rest my right arm completely of face having it set in plaster >yikes<  given I need to use two elbow crutches to get about this was not the best news I could be hearing. The best news as it happened was that my travel insurance folk told me my ehic card would probably cover all charges, including the 300+ euro ambulance charge that would be coming my way.

So far as my shopping goes I managed to get a good shopping done on the 21st including toilet paper and bread so I've now got plenty here at home to last me for a good while. I have a couple of freezers, one is part of my fridge freezer and the other my under counter freezer and these are near full my large (6lb) tins of with corned beef, a large roasting ham, sausage, a some haddock. I have, due to my having Hibi scrub on prescription a fair bit of good disinfecting liquid with which wash my hands as often as needed.

While I know smoking isn't the smartest habit in the world I managed to bring back enough rolling tobacco to keep me going for now which given some of the stresses I reckon I'll as many others will be facing I'll be glad to have to hand. My next issues to sort out will be organising my coal oh and phoning the DWP to let them know I'm back in the country.