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Title: Decluttering
Post by: Fiz on 27 Apr 2021 02:56PM
I moved here almost 11 years ago and since then my bedroom has been a war zone. It says "somebody VERY depressed lives here". There are chest high piles of stuff all over the floor. The top 12 inches of every pile is clothes my current size that I use. Further down there are smaller clothes that have clearly shrunk :f_erm: plus goodness knows what else as I haven't seen what's there in many a year. I've been waiting for "reablement" to come and help with it but Covid has meant they haven't been entering homes. I do have two chests of drawers but it's not possible to get to them. So many times I have gone to make a start, setting myself a ten minute goal or whatever well thought out plan but when I get there I just look and have a full blown panic attack and can't breathe. 

Today is the first day of three that a decorator is here painting and papering my living room. Given that the living room is out of bounds and I am stuck in my room it has forced me to make a start. It's a good start, I have cleared two piles and can see carpet. I have completely exhausted myself now and I am lying on my bed shattered! I'm hoping to complete that side of my bedroom tomorrow. Even though I don't have the spoons to complete this room while the decorator is here I hope that finally having been able to make a start that means I will get this room sorted at last! 

I'm probably the lone hoarder living in such a horrendously cluttered home in here. Somehow I see my fellow ouchers as being far more organised than me?
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: ditchdwellers on 28 Apr 2021 02:27PM
I'm afraid my husband and I are definitely in the hoarder camp!
We lived on our houseboat for 24 years and had 3 sheds packed full of 'stuff' most of which hadn't been visible or get-at-able for years  :f_laugh: 
When we had to leave,  I got one of our long term friends and fellow houseboater to chivvy my husband along and encourage him to throw a lot of stuff out. We made a huge spread of all the stuff to go, as everyone walked through the garden to get to their boat (made us all a very sociable bunch, this arrangement) they would take anything they wanted so that reduced the pile for the tip!

However, we moved last August and I'm still sorting out stuff that came with us that I haven't had a chance to sort out. My husband presented me with box loads of paperwork relating to his business. It was the archive of records going back to 2004! I got some confidential waste sacks from my local council and yesterday they came and collected it for shredding. They left me another three sacks and I reckon these will be filled shortly! 

There's no need to feel ashamed for getting in a pickle. It just slowly builds up and before you know it, it becomes insurmountable. It took moving house and help from a friend and my PA to begin getting straight. My PA is now helping me with getting organised and without his help, I don't think it would happen. 

Be proud of yourself that you have made a start. Remember to pace yourself!
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: lankou on 28 Apr 2021 02:35PM
It would take several large skips to declutter my wife and I's home.  We did manage to get someone to take a truck load of rubbish from out of back garden that had accumulated over me being under "house arrest" for over a year.
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: Sunshine Meadows on 28 Apr 2021 04:12PM
Well done on the decluttering you achieved so far.

I find that once there is a pile of things to get rid of to the tip or charity shop if it is good enough, is that it leaves the house and car boot as soon as possible. Mr Sunshine sometimes gets angry about furniture going, mostly Ebay buys but I try to explain changing my surroundings is cheaper than going on holiday. There are times I do put things back on Ebay, however sometimes it is not worth the hassle. I let a bookcase go for free on Facebook and whoosh it was gone within a hour. It was a very nice bookcase though.

I once tried to help a relative sort out a garage full of stuff and could not persuade them they did not need five secateurs and would it be better to use the new set they got for Christmas.

Right now my study is a tip and my mind is way too cluttered for housework.
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 28 Apr 2021 05:10PM
Living in a one-bed flat, I try and be strict about keeping on top of clutter but what tends to happen is that it ends up in the loft or various cupboards/drawers ('out of sight, out of mind' :f_whistle: )

I think the longer people live somewhere, it's inevitable that 'stuff' builds up - and what's that saying 'Nature abhors a vacuum?'  (so having an extra bedroom and/or reception room doesn't necessarily guarantee an absence of clutter!)  Also I wonder if it's a generational thing, ie the older we are the more likely we are to hoard things because we think some day they can be repaired/revamped rather than consigning them to the bin...
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: Fiz on 28 Apr 2021 10:03PM
So glad I'm not alone though as clutter is a stress I'm sorry that others experience it. I've been so ashamed of my room.

Like others, I downsized moving her to a property half the size with the same amount of adults plus dog when I came here and had nowhere to put anything. So my bedroom was a dreadful state from moving in date with my mental health terrible. Then over a two year period with the aid of an eating disordet I dropped 6 dress sizes then when that unfortunately ended and with poor mobility and pain and steroids I regained it all back so the mounds of 6 sizes of clothes need seeing to believe. 

I've been in too much pain to do anything today, apart from pop to the hospital for a health check up with a Consultant Anaesthetist regarding my fitness for a general anaesthetic when eventually I have my wisdom tooth out. That aside I have been forced to rest and I took 100mg Tramadol mid afternoon.

But I am not disheartened. Tomorrow if pain allows and it's a day free of appointments, I will continue to work my way around the room. For the first time in the eleven years that I have been here, I actually believe that I will be able to sort it. 

The length of time it will take me will depend primarily with pain and secondly depends on energy/fatigue but I will do what I can when I can and it will take as long as it takes. Any progress is progress! Sad that I didn't get anymore done today but part of this decluttering journey needs to be me learning to be kind to myself and accept myself as I am with physical limitations. I know that if I was physically able, the room would have been done by now and in knowing that, I need to accept my limitations.
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: oldtone27 on 29 Apr 2021 12:42PM
I have to admit to being a member of the clutter club. Not because I am a hoarder, but because I'm to lazy to bother sorting stuff out to get rid of. It just gets stuffed in a cupboard or on a shelf or a corner. :f_doh:

Interestingly I have just read an article in the Sunday paper (I know its Thursday but I've found it amongst some clutter) about the 25th Earl of Sutherland who recently had a clear out and sold the bric-a-brac for £732,000.

Think how much effort it would take to sort that. It suppose he staff has to do the donkey work.

I don't think mine would fetch quite that much. More likely I'd have to pay somebody that much to take it away.
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 30 Apr 2021 06:23PM
....part of this decluttering journey needs to be me learning to be kind to myself and accept myself as I am with physical limitations. I know that if I was physically able, the room would have been done by now and in knowing that, I need to accept my limitations.
If there was still a 'round of applause' smiley, I'd be using it for the above statement.... 

...I'm to lazy to bother sorting stuff out to get rid of.

And another clap for sheer honesty!  Seriously though, you really have to start small or it becomes overwhelming and just too much effort, I find. Bric-a-brac is welcomed by many charity shops...
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: Fiz on 02 May 2021 11:56AM
I managed the one side of my room and the window sill. Two sides left! I will get there and it feels achievable but it will take a while. It's never felt achievable before so this is a massive sigh of relief. I have a large clothes storage bag of too small for me clothes to go to charity but unfortunately my back isn't allowing me to lift it or drag it even, currently. So I will have to work out a plan to get it to charity.
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: oldtone27 on 02 May 2021 01:04PM
Some charities can arrange to collect. The charity I volunteer for, Dorset Blind Association, does although I am not sure if they apply any criteria of amount or type.
Title: Re: Decluttering
Post by: ditchdwellers on 02 May 2021 06:07PM
Yes, our local dogs trust charity shop are starting up home collection again in a week or two, so it may be worth phoning around a few to see if there's anyone who can help you, particularly if you have a chosen charity in mind. 

It sounds like you're making good progress Fiz! Remember to pace yourself! :thumbsup: