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Big Muff:

--- Quote from: Sunshine on 28 Jan 2020 01:44PM ---Thank you for the information about the gloves. I followed the link and they look worth a try, especially if Mr Sunshine needs to start using a wheelchair more. I have several different pairs of Sealskinz gloves which are all good and look more feminine that those gloves. I can't safely push myself around outdoors so practicality and style are equally important.

A couple of years ago I realised that people who saw me out on my Powertrike with the dog were mistaking me for a bloke because I was wearing a ski jacket and red beanie. Once I dressed in a more feminine way other dog walkers were less judgemental about my dogs protective behaviour and my inability to make him sit. Hmm then again maybe it was all in my head and it was improvement born out of my change in attitude.

--- End quote ---
Yeah the deffo not feminine but I got them for walking my seriously deranged Border Collie (whose behaviour is appalling & a total embarrassment) so looks were secondary  .
My dogs behaviour is made worse for me by the fact my last one I had so well trained that I didn't even bother taking a lead with me for most walks .Rescue dogs for you it is a bit pot luck .

Hello Ann Mac

 Just a few minute's ago I had a stretcher put on my wheelchair to hold the 2 pushing arm's of  the wheelchair apart so the top of my back is well supported + it feel's very comfortable  :f_smiley: :f_smiley: :f_smiley:


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