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Sunshine Meadows wrote

(Date Posted:05/11/2011 11:59 PM)
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I am absolutely rubbish at keeping secrets and waiting to see what people think of something, so here goes.

I spent the last week working on incorporating a messageboard into the website

and it has turned out even better than I expected because it allows for so many more things to be done than we are able to here on Aimoo.

The list includes:

Members are able to report posts to moderators in the same way they were on the old BBC site.

Smilies are labelled with words describing what they are and not just numbers.

Pictures are uploaded as attachments and show as thumbnails until you click on them to make the image bigger. This means faster loading thread and less need to reduce the size of the image before you add it to a post.

I have been able to put this messageboard in place so it is directly accessible on the link and this means it is more easliy found,stands alone and not under the main head head of Aimoo.

Here we are using Go Daddy hosting which is based in the USA. This means we have more storage space and unlimited bandwith so the messageboard should run more smoothly without almost grinding to a halt the way Aimoo does.

We have better moderating tools including a warning system that can be set to automatically put a member on premoderation after they have recieved a set amount of warnings.

See the message board itself for further information.

Kizzy, Hossy (when she has more free time) and I are still getting a handle on things. In order to learn more I need people from here to join the new site so we can check how things work and that the site can handle the load okay.

Please smiley90 I am not going to close this site but I do need to make a decision on whether or not to buy a years worth of unlimited hosting for It should be about £120 and so it is cheaper than running Ouch Too Aimoo and it is ours in a way I dont think this Aimoo site can be.

So please come over an join click here and spend some time seeing how things can be done.

Once I know that people are going to be on Ouch Too. org I will start copying thread over from here to there.

I am a bit scared you wont like it or people are going to be upset but if I dont try I will never know.

(btw the font appears smaller but can be enlarged using the control and - or + keys)



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SirCumference wrote

I don't know why but I've registered. Thank God there will be no more PMs. The perverts who have been harassing me here were too much. Every time I came online I was swamped by adoring fans, dropouts, etc.

I shall have to lie down now, probably a good idea as itis almost midnight.

Goodnight, all.


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