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Sunny Clouds:
Round here, we've a team of cats that are confusing us and guilt-tripping us. 

I live in a short, quiet road, and on my side, there are four small black cats, with only about a dozen houses between the two that live furthest apart.  Also, confusingly, one female has a name that one might think of as male, although actually if a human had it, it would be a traditional 'trade' surname so isn't actually gendered.  (Not the actual name, but think of Smith, Carver, Baker.)

I joke locally about the cat I spend most time with being ageist because she lets children do what they want, but if I don't stroke her exactly the way she wants, she kicks me and on three occasions has bitten me.

Of course, what it really is, is that like many cats, she understands the difference between human kittens, which, like cat kittens, are there to be played with, and human adults, which like cat adults, should have learnt life's rules and acquired some common sense.


Sunny Clouds:
Jerry's very brave.  Claws are enough to scare me into obedience, stroking a cat exactly where it wants me to.


That's one chilled out moggy.

Looks perfectly at home on that boat  :thumbsup:


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