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How to Fill in a PIP Review Form

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If you were awarded points for those questions put in the same info as last time, even if you just say I complete this task a lot slower than at my last review. The test is can you do the task repeatedly reliably and safely.
Good luck

 :f_ta: Monic - I also received my review form a few days ago (just what I need to be thinking about during a heatwave  :f_doh: ) I think they must be playing catch-up after delaying re-assessments during the worst days of Covid....

So DD, I am with you in spirit - we'll be tackling 'that bloody form' together in a way!

At least you got the review form, a friend called to say her PIP is ending in 4 weeks and she hasn’t had a form yet, she phoned and was told she had to make a new claim.  :f_steam:  No she didn’t. She then got a statement of award saying her award was for an ongoing period followed by a PIP 2 saying it ends in 4 weeks.
I phoned them and got passed to the manager who called back after 3 hours to say that they’ll extend the award for 1 year as she’s been misadvised and a renewal will be sent out in December. The manager was brilliant but the system is screwed  :f_doh:

Sunny Clouds:
Bloody ridiculous.

Sadly, I see no sign that any of the candidates to replace Johnson disagrees with 'small state' politics, so staff cuts and poor funding for systems will continue.  All we can do is to share our knowledge and experience to get people through it, whether it's those that do it formally, or those of us that just pass on tips and metaphorically hold people's hands.

As someone that currently needs that help, I can't begin to tell you I appreciate any and all advice and suggestions.

I really feel the benefit of having a place to come for support and to be able to share my frustrations too!


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