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Sunny Clouds:
Aargh, psychiatry and diagnosis...

Psychiatry went all American manual, category, sub-category, box-tick yonks ago, and there's an aspect I hate...

Let's say the psychiatrist suspects that the correct label for your problems is Oucher Syndrome.  The diagnostic manual has some meaningless blurb to describe it followed by 8 criteria.  If you meet 5, they stick the label on you, and if not, they go rummaging for a different label.

Bingo, the psychiatrist can five 5 boxes to tick, so you've got Oucher Syndrome.  Now every time you encounter a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse, or anyone else that knows or thinks they know what Oucher Syndrome is, you'll be treated as if you meet all 8 criteria.

In my case, with bipolar disorder, that caused immense problems, immense harm.

To give an example, not the most damaging long-term, but the easiest to describe.  You've all noticed how long-winded and explanatory I am.  It's nothing to what I'm like when I'm being 'assessed' or 'judged'.  I go into full-on defend & excuse myself mode.  I do it most when I'm most depressed, and when life experiences are getting to me most, particularly when people have been horrid to me (I don't mean everyday disagreements, I mean serious stuff).  But talkativeness and going off on tangents registers with mental health professionals as manic, so for years when I hit rock bottom emotionally, the psychiatrists would hit me with anti-manic lower-the-mood zombie-the-patient pills, making my mood even worse and leaving me less able to get myself out of whatever horrible life situation was depressing and stressing me.

And that happens with so many conditions.  I'm not saying it doesn't happen with physical conditions - far from it - just that it's a really nasty aspect of psychiatry.


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