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Summer Fetes

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Sunny Clouds:

--- Quote from: lankou on 27 Jun 2022 11:13AM ---In my experience fetes are fete worse than death.

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Sunny Clouds:
Actually, I struggled as I thought 'fetes, what fetes?' then thought of school fates, with next to no recollection except cake and tombola.  Then I vaguely thought of church fetes but I don't usually go to them.

Then, to my embarassment, I realised that I used to be on a committee that organised a community event each year (I was only on it for a few years) but we didn't call it a 'fete' because other things happened as well.  (I don't want to be specific.)

But a large part of it involved a park where there were lots of stalls and also some activities.  I picture that part of it it as a cross between a fete and a funfair without large rides.

My main role was liaising between groups and fundraising.  I didn't get involved in the 'what will we do and who will do it' stuff.

I picture myself going to the park and not being interested in the stalls - I went to meet the people, the community, the people I saw around me but didn't always get to chat with.

But that's not a stall.  Hang it - I liked the not-a-stall best!


--- Quote from: ditchdwellers on 27 Jun 2022 10:44AM ---I replied to this yesterday and today my post has disappeared  :f_yikes:
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I assure you I didn't nick it  :f_winkeye:

These summer fetes tend to be held in the early-to-mid-afternoon - not my best time, generally having snoozage then  :f_doh:

Sunny Clouds:
No use us trying to meet up anywhere then. Early to mid afternoon is usually my peak time.

I assume you are an 'owl' rather than a 'lark', Sunny?  I'm deffo a morning person...


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