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My local village hall hosts Coffee Mornings in spring and autumn - there is a raffle, tombola, cake stall and book stall  :thumbsup:   Would be good if there's something similar to that near you  :f_smiley:

Sunny Clouds:
That's a good idea.  I previously tried to go to 'be with other people in a friendly environment' by joining exercise classes, my main interest being the chat in between the physical stuff, but it didn't really work. Most of the chat was next to the chairs we put our coats and bags on, which meant the same people every time.

I go for walks round where I live to meet people.  You've prompted me to look around at a range of different 'activities'.  I think some of our local places of worship do coffee mornings or similar.  Community activity rummage, rummage.  Thank you for the 'nudge'.


Coffee mornings are great!

On 30th September it's the Macmillan Big Coffee Morning event coming up so that might be one to look out for in your area. I'm going to keep a look out for one around me and pop along. I thought I might bake some cheese scones to take along if I find one nearby.
Do you think cheese scones would be acceptable or would people just be expecting cake?
I like making scones because they're so quick and easy!

SashaQ, how lovely to see you again and to meet another tombola lover! I love a good fete. They're somehow addictive in nature and so simple in nature. It's wonderful to see all generations having fun!

Sunny Clouds:
Cheese scones sound lovely.  There might be someone who doesn't want dairy, but if there was, they might avoid cake because some people put milk products in them, so I can't see that as being an issue.


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