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Sunny Clouds:
I know simply stopping altogether sounds logical, but it's like any other addiction, some people find cold turkey easiest, some people find weaning off easiest.  I've tried the former and it didn't work.  I'm doing the latter and I'm doing well.

I cope with reading in bed a bit, but it's really, really difficult once I start reading to stop.  I have to sort of rotate what I read to break the anankastic 'must finish' thing. What I'm using at the moment is mostly tree and bird identification books.

I'm now editing this, having thought about it overnight.  I've realised that I've got to go back to seeing the early morning thinking as positive problem-solving, followed by a second period of sleep.  That can then shift as it has in the past to getting up earlier and doing things in problem solving phase.

Also, I'm going to have another go at looking round a bookshop to see what sort of books would be worth a try.  In the past, joke books and poetry books helped.  I wonder whether 'how to do' books would be worth a try.  Not complex ones, simple ones.

Sorry to have diverted the thread.  It's amazing, though, how someone posts abotu one thing, the responses prompt thinking about other stuff, and before you know, someone (in this case me) has been helped.

Meanwhile, I walked past a school last night and saw signs saying they've got a summer fayre coming up.  I think I shall go to it.

Don't apologise for diverting the thread  :f_hug:  I think it was me that diverted you!

Anyway, that's one of the things I love about OuchToo. The way our conversations wander and take on board the needs of the people participating in that conversation, just as it would in real life. Plus I posted this in the Cafe and I don't think it's quite as important for conversations to stay on thread as much as in other categories such as Talk or Welfare Rights.
I tend to view the Cafe as a less structured, more casual place to be, and we all respect each other here and understand our boundaries so hopefully nobody will overstep the mark. Or else they might have to contend with Kizzy and her flyswatter! (I wonder if Kizzy still has the flyswatter? It must be covered in cobwebs through inactivity these days)

 :f_laugh: oh, it's still kicking around if needed  :f_racket1: It's an electric one so might need a recharge

You're right about it not being required much lately because everyone here is just so well-behaved, just the odd spambot for me or Sunshine to ban  :f_erm:   Most of what I find myself doing is thread management stuff, like moving a topic from one sub-board to another or taking out a duplicate post.   And you are spot-on about the Cafe - it is, after all, the 'official' off-topic part of the board, so let this thread go where it will, no worries!

Glad you had a lovely time at the summer fete, ditchdwellers

There was a Jubilee Fete near me this summer, which I wasn't sure I would enjoy as I thought it would be more aimed at children, but it was very good - they had a stage with performers playing music at good volume (not too loud) and I met many people I knew so we had a chat as we moved around the field.  I played the tombola and bought something from the cake stall.  There was also a classic car section  :thumbsup:  so it was a good afternoon!

Sunny Clouds:
I meant to go to a fete at a local school this year and forgot about it.  Oh well, next year.

That being said, I wonder what winter holds for those of us that missed the summer fetes? 


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