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Sunny Clouds:
What's a 'morning'? 

Sunny Clouds:
Hang on, I've got it, it's a euphemism for 'middle of the night', which was when the army, for some mysterious reason, expected me to get up. 

Still, I suppose that getting up then means you can leave a gap between breakfast and lunch. 

Do you think that contributes to your sleepless nights Sunny? A hangover from your army days?

Sunny Clouds:
I don't think so, (I was just being silly mentioning it) but it's a valid and thought-provoking question and I think that other sorts of hangovers from the past are a factor when enmeshed with a sense of impotence and panic over getting things sorted.

Bed has somehow become 'place to fret' not 'place to go to sleep'.  I've relied too much on puzzles to blot things out, so then when I stop the puzzles and switch off the light, the thoughts flood back and swamp me.  But I'm weaning myself off the puzzles.

The irony is that as I think of it, times in my life when I've got up earlier have tended to be more productive.  The other thing that I sometimes do is split-sleep and that has worked quite well for me.

I wonder how I'd re-set my mental associations?  I could map it onto how I'd re-set my mental associations in relation to fetes.  For example, I didn't see any point at all in tombolas until I re-conceptualised them not as trying to win but as making a donation.


--- Quote from: Sunny Clouds on 30 Jun 2022 08:45AM ---What's a 'morning'?

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Regarding a 're-set', maybe stop altogether with the puzzling in bed - you could still do puzzles at another time of day in another place to break the link - and pick up a book or magazine to just read until you're tired enough to nod off?


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