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The brown envelope arrived today. My PIP review. It has to be received by them by 18th April so I have 17 days to complete and return it and for it to arrive there. I've not long been out of hospital having been detained under the MHA and spend a lot of each day crying as I am no better than when I was detained and this right now feels an impossible task. I have absolutely no help with it either  :f_wah:

Oh Fiz, those bloody Brown Envelopes  :big_hugs:

Is there anyone from church you trust to help you?

Is it possible to request an extension on the time required to send the forms back?  Hopefully Monic or someone will be able to advise.

All I can do is offer Internet hugs and virtual chocolate. Here's plenty of both
 :f_hug: :f_choc: :f_hug: :f_choc: :f_hug: :f_tea: :f_hug: :f_choc: :f_hug: :f_choc: :f_hug: :f_tea: :f_hug:

Sunny Clouds:
This may sound crazy (but then I am), and I'd find it difficult myself, but if you can't get an extension and you don't feel confident you can get it together to put in your paperwork to the standard you'd require, then maybe re-conceptualise it.

Thus you could remind yourself that a high proportion of DWP jargon is utter nonsense, mostly for political purposes, and conceptualise them as having mis-named this.  Therefore what they're calling a 'review' is actually First Stage Preliminary Paperwork, and what they call a 'mandatory reconsideration' is actually the Full Application Stage.

Hugs from me too.  Oops, sorry, got a DWP naming problem.  This  :f_hug: is actually a lot bigger than it looks.

I have made more progress than I expected. My problem was always going to be locating the evidence given the chaos that I live in. I have found the PIP and ESA box files which I doubt have anything added to them since my 2018 application but I am hoping that I kept a copy of my 2018 PIP application and that'll be there. I'm all out of spoons and am tearful so I stopped for the day. I have found some hospital admission/discharge letters including my discharge after my overdose in 2020 stating my GCS was 3 and I was intubated and ventilated in ICU etc as well as a few admissions to mental health units, I have been detained twice in the last 8 months I think that evidences my mental health is not that healthy. I don't have any evidence that I have been accepted for tertiary mental health services from the South London and Maudsley Trauma and Dissociation service. I was never sent a copy of the referral letter.

I have the DFG approval for the home adaptions for the wetroom and stair lift. I can't find my diagnosis letter of my tumour which spelt out how it would affect me ongoing. I have the Motability grant letter to adapt the vehicle for a wheelchair hoist and hopefully I can find proof I have the powerchair which should help prove mobility problems. But I can walk distances but with pain so can't say that I can only walk a few metres? I use the chair because standing/queueing is so painful rather than being unable to walk. Carrying things is too painful for my spine too. None of that fits with their stated how many meters I can walk.

The form says not to send any evidence previously sent. So I assume that I complete the form stating things are unchanged or explaining what is worse? Or complete it all as before as if the form is being looked at for the first time but not sending the evidence if it's older than 2018?

I wish I had some help with this but I don't know anyone at the church that I have attended about 4 times since Xmas day and it's not the sort of information that I want to share with strangers. On the list of things not to send is a letter of support from your GP so she can't help.

Sunny Clouds:
You don't just have to be able to stand or walk or whatever, there's stuff about how you can do it.

From the government's PIP handbook

--- Quote ---Reliability For a descriptor to apply to a claimant they must be able to reliably complete the activity as described in the descriptor. Reliably means whether they can do so:
* safely – in a manner unlikely to cause harm to themselves or to another person, either during or after completion of the activity
* to an acceptable standard
* repeatedly – as often as is reasonably required, and
* in a reasonable time period – no more than twice as long as the maximum period that a non-disabled person would normally take to complete that activity We recognise that the reliability criteria are a key protection for claimants. Also, as a result of feedback received during the consultation on the PIP ‘moving around’ criteria (held between 24 June and 5 August 2013), measures are in place to ensure the reliability criteria are properly and consistently applied as part of the assessment.

--- End quote ---


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