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--- Quote from: ditchdwellers on 27 Mar 2022 01:57PM ---

Lankou- brilliant idea about the TENS! I had completely forgotten about them. I tried one out about 30 years ago when I first started getting pain issues, but the problem was this was before diagnosis and treatment and I was trying to use it on too many joints for it to be effective.
Now I just need to focus on my lower back and no doubt the machines have improved since then!
Do you use one yourself? Can you recommend one?

Thanks my lovely friends for all your contributions and suggestions. It means a lot to me.

--- End quote ---

I use a TENS often as it a better option than taking class A prescription pain killers. A TENS has always worked for me as I turn the power up until my eyes water, (which goes away before the 20 minutes are up.)

DD, I definitely wasn't suggesting your pain out trump's mine or anything like it. Just saying fentanyl out trump's Buprenophine strength wise. Sorry if that was misconstrued. I probably don't phrase things well.

Tens does absolutely nothing for me unfortunately and I'd spent a fair amount of money on a machine. Shame you can't try before you buy!

A couple of times that I successfully lessened the emotional impact of pain, once when I was acknowledging the agony I switched my mind to what 3 things could I hear, see, smell etc and that worked a bit and the other time I chose to focus on and explore the pain. Where could I feel the pain, did it spread anywhere else, was it sharp, dull, achey or piercing, how was it making my body feel etc on both those occasions I managed to relax a bit by deflecting away from the suffering that can tag along with pain. But I have tried those methods on occasion since then with no success so I am unsure whether the pain has been different or whether they were just individual days when I could focus well. But possibly worth a go.

I was in Agony yesterday, could hardly shuffle around.  This morning, I realised that my spinal cord stimulator had switched itself off.  I really couldn’t be without it now.  I going to suffer today, until the spikes in my pain levels even out again.  My friends internal battery packed in a couple of months ago.  Due to the impact of covid, he can’t have a replacement battery op, As it’s none urgent.  Meanwhile he’s going downhill.

In all, I’ve had seven interventions for prolapsed discs.  I’m on the waiting list for another one, but, same as above,  I’m lingering in the system.  If anyone on here can’t tolerate restricted meds for any reason, I find lidocaine patches help. They’re expensive, and, not all surgeries will prescribe them.  However, It might be worth asking if your surgery will prescribe them.  Back pain is the pits, so, to anyone suffering, have a hug from me  :f_hug:

Ally that's truly awful! You poor thing  :f_hug:
I hate the way pain is such low priority on the NHS. Just think how many days of working productivity are lost due to people being unable to work because they cannot access treatment for their chronic pain needs? Not to mention the human suffering involved! It makes me angry. Mind you, there's so much about how the NHS is run that angers me.

Please send my best wishes to your friend. I can't begin to imagine what they are experiencing.


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