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High blood pressure

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I had high BP readings a while ago, alongside anaemia, and, other health issues.  I decided to take control of my health, and, lost five stone.  The above are all fine now.   It wasn’t easy, but, once I started to lose weight, i just carried on with it.  I can’t join SW clubs due to being profoundly deaf.   Therefore, I did everything alone by researching the internet.  There’s some good sites to look at online if anyone is interested in losing weight.

I've lost nine and a half stones in eighteen months before so I do know it's possible. That started off very healthily but I got caught up in the control and became frightened of food. A lot of me wishes that I was still frightened of food.

I've taken my steroid dose down a notch, slightly earlier than planned as I was going to try and get through Christmas before doing this but lowering the blood pressure takes precedent at the moment.

Sunshine Meadows:
Just a quick post ... my blood pressure had been around 135 - 100 for a couple or so years. My GP was trying to find suitable blood pressure medication for me when Covid started and  we have not got that sorted yet. I recently started taking Menopace Night and it has helped fatigue and restlessness. It also brought my blood pressure down to around 128 - 93.

I am wondering if cortisol being higher during perimenopause and menopause is why my blood pressure was too high in the first place.

Still shaking too much.


Sunny Clouds:
I wish I'd had better menopause care.  I think it's often underestimated how relevant it is to so many health problems.  I admire women who look at how it affects them and take action.  I just sort of gave up because the psychiatrists and gynaecologists just attributed perimenstrual crashes as symptoms of my bipolar disorder.

I wonder how many women have symptoms attributed to loads of other conditions.

It's encouraging when various Ouchers try out various ways of helping themselves, it gives me a sense I should keep doing what I can.

It's a small offering in return, but hugs of thanks to those of you tackling blood pressure for the timely reminder not to give up on basics.  I haven't checked my blood pressure for a while, but I shall start doing so again.


My GP isn't concerned about my blood pressure! She said that if it continues she would start to worry but it's not alarming. She said that I am under immense stress at the moment physically and emotionally and she's sure that is part of it. I had tapered my steroid dose on Monday as they can raise blood pressure but she's told me to return to Sunday's dose as I am very fatigued and have a lot to get through plus Christmas in the next couple of weeks and my plan to taper at the start of the year was a good one. She didn't even take my blood pressure! She did say that she will keep an eye on it.


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