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Sunny Clouds:
Yes, I understood you were managing to do very little.  I wasn't trying to suggest you were doing a lot more than you said, just that there'd probably be a few little other things you'd do, albeit with great difficulty, even if it's just plug your phone into a charger or pick a letter up off the mat.  It was just how you seem to see making sure your dog is ok as an essential core responsibility that you make sure you do every day that touched me.

There's no choice with that, same as if I had a child. It's when I am physically unable to do the essential care of her that pushes me into crisis as I go into hopeless mode. I can go days without food myself though realise that doing so makes my mood and energy lower but would eat if I could summon the energy. It panics me why I try my hardest to do something but can't push through the fatigue to make myself do it.

I have finally found the energy to get my laptop out and read some PDF's that have been in my inbox. My GP has asked me to be on the interview panel for a Psychologist post within the practice and there was a fair bit of reading. All I need to do now is get there on Monday morning. Mornings are the time of day that I am achieving anything so when she asked me I thought it might be possible but she said if I couldn't get there that is okay too. I think she feels it helps me emotionally to feel that I contribute.

Sunny Clouds:

So sorry you're in the grip of awful fatigue again. I sympathise. It's such a familiar feeling  :f_hug:


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