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Who should have a council house?

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Sunny Clouds:

--- Quote from: Cheetarah on 15 Nov 2021 11:01PM ---
What I sometimes forget is a family couldn't move in here because it would be considered overcrowding.

--- End quote ---

Tut tut, you're obviously not reading the right tabloids.  People with families who find themselves in need in one way or another, including in need of affordable housing, should be jolly grateful if they can have the opportunity to cram a family into a small flat.  Why shouldn't a couple of the kids sleep in the kitchen whilst others sleep in the living room?  They can take turns to use the loo lid as a desk for their homework and they can buy their essentials by selling their flat screen television (erm, they do have one, don't they?)...stereotype, rant, rant, grrhhh.

The attitude our politicians and media encourage towards people who need extra help for any reason is literally Dickensian.  Get us all resenting one another, like it's our fault if provision is inadequate.

You, and others on this thread, have reminded me I'm entitled to not feel guilty and I hope I've adequately returned the favour. 

My eldest son wasn't able to get a mortgage to buy a property large enough for his family despite it being a much lower monthly cost than they've been paying for years for rent without missing a payment. So they rent their home and he's bought a 2 bedroom property to rent out so as to get on the housing ladder. He was shocked at the applicants for it. Families with 4-6 children were wanting to rent it. Our opinion, and I agree with him, is that families may deliberately rent and move into a property far smaller than their needs because the overcrowding they would experience would bump them right up the priority for social housing and they'd get a property far sooner than if they rented a large 3 bedroom property so it's a deliberate move to squeeze into a tiny property in order to be housed sooner.

Sunny Clouds:
How awful that there's such a shortage of affordable/social housing that a family would need to use a strategy that to get a decent sized place without waiting for years and years and years.


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