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Coronaviras is a virus, yes it's one type of virus, but it is most certainly a virus and no I am not thinking of particular strains of it. But I am not going to engage further in the pedantics of word use.

Like you, I hope that recent strains of it become milder and perhaps annual vaccines may be needed for a while. I'm not sure yet whether I will take up the offer of more vaccines but who knows. It's possible Boris will postpone ending all restrictions on March 26th but his back benchers are against it and currently they're keeping him in his job.

Sunny Clouds:
One thing I'll miss with the loss of widespread mask-wearing is the massive reduction in spitting.  You can tell youngsters that TB is one of the few diseases that can spread by airborne spread of dried spittle, but they carry on spitting not just in open spaces but in bus shelters etc. and then people are surprised that we have such high TB rates in our area.  To people in parts of the country with no clusters of TB problems, this probably seems weird to be even thinking about.

I also think in some places we'll see resurgence of the wearing of niqab, Anonymous-type masks, buffs & scarves pulled up over lower face etc., particularly on the more highly polluted roads.  You can feel the rawness in your airways along some of our busy roads with stop-start traffic, particularly near local schools and also where there are illegal road races with quad bikes and souped-up cars.  I've been barely touching my asthma inhaler during masking, but now we're opening up, I'm ordering more and may get some extras online or by word of mouth.

Sunny Clouds:
I forgot - there's another bit of PPE I rely on.  I find it helps to deal with the mental effects of a pandemic.  It's my psychological Ouch  :big_hugs: that I carry with me in my bag. 

We could debate lanyards, masks, pandemickywotsits for yonks, agreeing and disagreeing about various things, but whilst the scientists try to stay up to date with what we do or don't need to do to keep a virus at bay, and whilst we try to keep up to date with their advice, the OTH (Ouchtoohug) device helps to protect the mental state.


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