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Not sure if this has been mentioned before but, as more places are starting to use the system. I thought I would give the helpful link.

Sunshine Meadows:
I had not heard of this, it is a good idea and a sunflower is friendly and cheerful.

Oh yes, it seems that at airports you can bypass the queues if you wear one.

Sainsburys have reportedly joined. Should make life easier in the Christmas queue. >thumbsup< 

Poster spotted on the platform at Hastings Station, so Southeast Rail are adopting it.

If I'm not to tired out to remember, I'll ask at Bexhill on my way home tomorrow if Southern Rail are raking it up.

I would have put a picture up, but something is not letting me.

BTW on the site that SueSad posted you can buy the lanyards, plus cards to hang on them which have spaces for your name, Emergency Contact Details and your hidden disability, and I would suggest buying the covers to go over the card as it will a) protect the writing and b) stop the hole on the card pulling through.


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