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Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher

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Stalwart wrote

(Date Posted:12/11/2011 10:33 AM)

Capt, the best hangi I've been to was a whole pig stuffed with fruit , wrapped in banana leaves put in the hangi (a hole in the ground with hot rocks in it) covered in earth and left overnight.

Beautiful, tender and soooo tasty.

bulekinfisher wrote

(Date Posted:12/11/2011 3:10 PM)

Hello Stalwart 215

Some of our female crew are vegitarn/vegans so it means more pork/piggi meat for the like's of you + I+if we want full intergration with harmony with main stream society we have to give  before we can reasonably recive, It is like a 2 way street/motor-eay

Do  we eat with finger tip's ? or implmrnt's

Sasha Q wrote

(Date Posted:12/11/2011 6:59 PM)

Reply to KizzyKazaer (11/11/2011 9:20 PM)
Can you really get Flying Saucer shaped pasta?  laugh

Yes!  It's very clever - a small trapezium of pasta is folded up at one end, to make the rim, and then it is folded round into a circle to look just like a flying saucer.  Perfect with pesto, and as good when I cooked with it as it was the first time I ate it in a restaurant biggrin

bulekingfisher wrote

(Date Posted:13/11/2011 11:37 AM)

Hello Sir Cumfrence

A large barge is busy refilling the water tank's atched to the back of the HAPPYNESS 2 with fresh supply's of Yorkshire water which compliments my favorite brew Yorkshire tea while we are anchord in the harbour of Whangarei Whizz whizz CAREFULL Kizzy Kazaer, just because you have a RED mobility scooter it do'es not mean RED for danger + it is not a formula 1 car even though Erik (the viking) has supped it beyond N.H.S specifaction's

bulekingfisher wrote

(Date Posted:13/11/2011 1:26 PM)

Hello Kizzy Kazaer

As you are my first officer I would like you to be acting captain while I am on respite from Sunday 20th November while Sunday 27th November you do a good job + you will only marking time as we are stationery here in Whangarei North Island New Zeland before we set sail for the Gold Coast Austraila. Stalwart is nearly fit to burst after eating all that Tugi (pudding). The solar powerd paddel's are turning the Yorkshire water in the tank's keeping it oxaganited


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