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Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher

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That's a lovely idea, Cap'n Bule, but I'm afraid I am not up to long journeys these days (I live somewhat far away from York!)  Thank you for the thought anyway :f_rose:

Sunny Clouds:
I wish I lived closer to York because I'd love to meet Bule.  But when out of curiosity I looked on Trainline to see the fares, the cheapest fares were over £70 return.

Most annoying.

The coach fares were more affordable, but travel time so long that I'd need to stay over somewhere, which would cost (and I looked at prices for that, too).

Oh well, at least that means Bule will be spared the horror of discovering that I'm even  more longwinded orally than in writing!

Hello all crew of the HAPPINESS

Please do not feel bad if you can NOT make it to York I know how I would feel if I had to travel a long way on the train + living on a pittful PIP I could not manage an expensive train faire


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