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Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher

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This thread currently has 26 pages over on Aimoo, and making pdf copies is on my to do list  >knitting<

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Latest post by Captain Bulekingfisher, just so crew and passengers know where we are  ;-)

Hello Kizzy Kazaer

As you are my first officer I would like you to be acting captain while I am on respite from Sunday 20th November while Sunday 27th November you do a good job + you will only marking time as we are stationery here in Whangarei North Island New Zeland before we set sail for the Gold Coast Austraila. Stalwart is nearly fit to burst after eating all that Tugi (pudding). The solar powerd paddel's are turning the Yorkshire water in the tank's keeping it oxaganited

So there you are, you have me to put up with for a week - I expect tongue-tingling menus and good behaviour  >whistle<

The original thread has 5691 page views and 26 pages of posts , so lets see it go further here :-) Sunshine

Spaz Girl wrote

(Date Posted:08/07/2011 12:24 AM)
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Hey all, just thought I'd pop over here and start a new ship HAPPYNESS, if that's OK with everyone, I'm surprised no one's done it yet.  Are we still continuing on our grand adventure on the good ship HAPPYNESS or have we fled to the lifeboats now that the BBC has tried to sink us? :)

Sasha Q wrote

(Date Posted:11/11/2011 9:02 PM)

*** Supper Menu ***

Dischi Volante (Flying Saucer shaped pasta) with Red Pesto
Fusilli (Spiral pasta) with Green Pesto

Mousse au Chocolat


KizzyKazaer wrote

(Date Posted:11/11/2011 9:20 PM)

Can you really get Flying Saucer shaped pasta?  >lol<


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