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Blue Badge renewal

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Just applied for my renewal and it is £10.00 as well.


I've received an email reminding me that my current blue badge expires in 8 weeks and telling me to reapply. My house is not yet sorted and I can't get my hands on any evidence but clearly the conditions that I evidenced 3 years ago won't have gone anywhere. Indeed I have since been diagnosed with scoliosis and have had a meningeoma tumour removal via lamenectomy so would have more evidence somewhere or other. If I can find my PIP award letter which is more likely, is getting higher rate mobility enough evidence? I'm not feeling emotionally very able to cope with things right now so this isn't great timing but as the powerchair is not working currently, the blue badge is essential.

Oh dear I have managed to find the answer to my question which is not what I wanted to read. If you're relying on enhanced PIP mobility the blue badge will expire the date of the award end and my PIP was extended due to Covid without assessment to January 2023 so I need to be providing further evidence to get a blue badge that lasts 3 years. *Sigh*. I'm not sure that I have the wherewithal currently, it's not as if I leave the house often.

Sunny Clouds:
It's a long shot, but would your GP, like mine, do a print-out on headed paper of the summary page of your notes?  Mine's got a field-merge thingy that makes it look like a fancy certificate, but even if it was just a copy of the relevant page, it might be worth getting.  But I do know that GPs vary massively with this sort of thing.

I hope it can be sorted one way or another.

The Council website says they don't accept GP letters as it doesn't tell them what they need to know. I'm unsure whether a summary of conditions is available, it's not visible on patient access. I need to get myself in gear really and find the evidence and be more organised especially as I am due a PIP assessment this year at some point. The joys.


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