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Blue Badge renewal

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Good news re the blue badge, re the copying of evidence, if you’ve sent it before just say that on the form, if it’s new evidence can you take a picture of it and then tell pip you can email it to them but have no way of copying it

I had no idea that I could suggest that to PIP! The form said enclose photocopies of evidence so assumed that I had to. I have a lot of new evidence since 2018. I must admit when I found my council's blue badge email address and I photographed my evidence and emailed it to them I thought how much easier life would be if I could do the same with the PIP evidence. I might have to try that because I can't see me getting out of this house and I don't know anyone with a printer. It's an absolute nightmare.

Sunny Clouds:
What gets me is that when it comes to trying to catch people out, the government's dead good at sharing info on them from a range of public services, but when it comes to helping them, that system doesn't seem to work. 

Thank heavens for the Monics of this world, knowing how to manage the system. 

(I nearly edited that instinctively because if I posted that phrase in lots of places, people would happily interpret it as 'how to cheat the system'.  Aargh.)

Due to covid new claimants to pip are being offered a link to an online application, I refused it but it might be great for others, so if they have an email address for new claims then they should be able to receive evidence by email as well.  Might be worth asking

My GP is going to get a surgery secretary to find and print out various letters she noted would be good evidence which are technically copies. So I just need to get myself to the surgery tomorrow to collect them and collect my meds from the adjacent pharmacy. I need to somehow phone the DWP to request the extension to complete the PIP review as it was meant to be there this coming weekend. I find phones so hard so that won't be easy. Pencilled in as a job for tomorrow. My GP is also contacting AMHT to say that I need more support though she said she doesn't know what her call will provide help wise or how helpful any help will be.

I have had horrendous IBS this morning causing excuciating pain which buscopan, peppermint oil and tramadol have now eased mostly leaving me with just aching tummy that's had enough. A bit like me. I told my GP how I had circumnavigated the blue badge problem with a direct email attaching photos of letters and wouldn't it be wonderful if the DWP were that versatile. She agreed.

My GP said my physical and mental health is considerably worse now than they were in 2018 so it doesn't make sense that I would lose my award. As usual she's trying to feed me hope.


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