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Just had my form from the local council to renew my blue badge,and it will cost £10.00.Bit of a surprise as my council has not charged before.But having seen some topics on here I probably should be grateful that this hasnt happened before as some councils have been charging for a few years. But £10.00 seems an amount that will cost more in handling than they will gain.

My council charges too.

ut I don't mind as I save a huge amount of money in free parking and also the convenience of parking near to stores (if I can find a BB bay).  Plus parking on double yellows where there is no restriction.

In my council its £20 & has been for about 18 months, you also now can't just turn up & get it renewed, you need to apply 3 weeks before your badge runs out as it takes roughly 3 weeks to process >crying< >crying<


Mine too, but it has always cost me £10. It will probably go up now as councils are counting every penny as we all are.

Sunshine Meadows:
I dont mind paying the charge either and it makes a real difference to me and I assume other people when the renewal application is sent out by the council before the current badge expires.

My council now does that but back in 2009 they either did not or the application was lost in the post, either way I had not noticed the three years were up and ended up getting a parking ticket for parking in the disabled bay outside our house  >blush< >crying<


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