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Been absent!

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I haven't been able to check in with you all for over a month now.
Firstly, my tablet reached the end of functionality and refused to work any more. Not even the experts could encourage it to switch on again!
Then we were hit with covid. My husband has just about recovered from it while I still feel pretty awful, not as bad as I did though.

So now I'm back and trying to catch up on all that's been going on.

I hope nobody else has covid and is as well as they can be x

Sunny Clouds:
Oi, DD, no one gave you permission to get coviddified!  Well, I'll show you what for by inflicting some hugs on you.

 :f_hug: :f_hug:

So there!

And if you keep being poorly, I shall get grumpy, so get well soon.

Oh, alright, have another hug to throw at those wretched stubborn symptoms.


Sorry you have Covid DD, I know a couple of people with it currently and they're feeling pretty tough. Not the "no more than a cold" rhetoric we hear on the news thing. I hope you feel better soon.  :f_hug:

Thanks for all the hugs. Much needed at the moment.

I think the worst symptoms I'm currently feeling are extreme fatigue - just what I needed on top of my usual chronic fatigue and narcolepsy  - and the weird sense of taste thing. It's very off putting and my appetite is much reduced, which is no big issue as I have a few stones to lose!

If anyone's interested, there's more to say about the covid story that I'll continue in 3am........

I've finally tested negative today! Yippee  :f_magic_2:


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