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Compassion focused therapy


The only thing that I have found helpful from mental health services is an 8 week group course on compassion focused therapy. In recent years I have lost most of my ability to challenge my inner critic though so I have asked to do the course again.

CFT was created by Paul Gilbert but others have joined the cause and have worked on the subject too. I signed up on Eventbrite for a free meeting on self compassion that ran on Zoom yesterday evening. I had a bad day and evenings are my worst time so I didn't attend but I was emailed a link to the talk which has been put on YouTube. Do have a listen and I hope you find it helpful.

Sunny Clouds:
Thanks for the link.

I wish with the NHS over the years, I'd had a say in what sort of therapy I was offered.  I've had seriously abusive and toxic therapy and although I've considered private therapy, I decided not.

By contrast, watching talks about this sort of thing on youtube is definitely something that appeals, so I've bookmarked the page for when I feel up to it.


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