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What helps you keep going?

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Sunny Clouds:

--- Quote ---And I really need to see if the bluetits that have taken up residence in my nestbox will raise chicks this spring......
--- End quote ---

I hope they  behave properly.  Mine spend a lot of time sitting on a shrub just a couple of feet higher than where the neighbour's cats sunbathe on a wall.  What are they going to do if the neighbours stop giving the cats their preferred food and the cats decide to try blue tit instead?

I recommend this video (genuine not joke, and fun)

From empty nest to first egg in less than 8 minutes! - BlueTit nest box live camera highlights 2021

I watched that video a while back and was disappointed it ended with one laid egg and no hatchings. I guess the camera batteries ran out? It would have been lovely watching it all the way through.

Sunny Clouds:
You have to watch the next video in the series for that.

Sunny Clouds:

First egg hatching to chicks fledging.

The video page on the channel - there are over a hundred videos of that nesting box on there.

Happy blue tit nesting addiction.  On balance, I prefer robins.  Right bolshy little so-and-sos.

Sunny Clouds:
Something else that's keeping me going right  now is interacting with other Ouchers. 


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