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'Limping' as positive - compensating

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I like the idea of wearing children's glasses as I have a small face too. Why didn't I think of that  :f_doh:
I'll have to remember this when I need to change my glasses next time round. Truly inspired idea!

Sunny Clouds:
On a light note on choosing frames - the optician I'm currently using has the sort of displays where the walls are covered in grids of fashionable frames.  Pretty standard way of doing it.  But if you want the plain, cheapo ones, they're in the drawers below the counter, and not in trays, just in a tangled mass.  You're allowed to try them on in the mirror, and you're not treated sneerily or anything if you want them, they're just not displayed the way the expensive ones are.  Indeed, I think the way they do it is probably deliberately intended to appeal to people who have a sense they want what they might conceptualise as down to earth practical economy frames not overpriced fancy frames.

Hello SunShine Medow's

About people starting a job + before you know it they act like life long Personal Assitent's it is they think if a job is worth doing give it all you've got. (I wonder if they are trying to boost their own little ego)


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