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Yes please do post them ally. And how to you stay motivated? And how did you resist cravings?

You've done amazingly well.

I get recipes from slimming eats,  pinch of nom, also, if you ignore the naughty bits, two chubby cubs. I follow the principles of Slimming world.  Fat girl skinny explains it all on her blog.  All vegetables, including potatoes, meat, fruits, are free to eat.  I eat light and free yoghurts.  However, most low fat yoghurts would be fine.  For breakfast you can eat some Cereals as a healthy extra B.  Or two slices of wholemeal bread.  If you choose the bread after the cereal you have to syn it.   

Healthy extra A is a certain amount of cheese and milk.  There’s lots on Pinterest about slimming world.  There’s also myfitnesspal which does calorie counting or SlimIt is another one.  I do a bit of everything.   I didn’t care for weight watchers,  as toting up a points based system is too fiddly for me.  Slimming world can also be joined on line.   However, £5.95 a week I think is too expensive. You could ask your GP if they would give you a referral to slimming world for 12 weeks.   Some surgeries participate in the scheme if their patients are overweight.  It’s worth your while asking about it.

See below information on slimming world referral by surgeries

Ah I can't follow sw while on steroids as it's not generally successful but I know that of all the subscription services it is the most successful.

What I'm doing currently appears to be helping for now

My aim is to generally feel better, emotionally, physically, and mentally. I'm trying to take a holistic approach to my wellbeing rather than focusing on one particular aspect of it.
Losing some weight would be good for me in many ways so I'm beginning to be more aware of everything I eat and my portion sizes. I started a new med six weeks ago that can cause weight gain so I'm watching out for unusual fluctuations. My diet is also still a little restricted due to recovering from stomach ulcers.

I think the thing that has the most profound effect on my wellbeing is slowly decluttering since moving 18 months ago. It's still an on going process and has taken a long time to see any benefits, but after passing on one car load of treasures to my sister, two car loads to the council recycling centre, and two to the charity shop even my husband commented how cathartic he found it.
To achieve this I have just sorted out one drawer or cupboard at a time so that it didn't become overwhelming. Yesterday I sorted out a deep drawer in the bottom of the desk that was jam packed full of old computer cables and charging leads for long gone phones and printers. Why on earth we still have them is baffling however we are terrible hoarders and are now determined to kick the habit.
Both myself and my husband feel better from having less clutter about the place and it's so much easier to find everything now. The drawers and cupboards have been cleaned thoroughly and reorganised with things like baskets and drawer dividers. There's not too much decluttering left to do now. I think it will probably take me a further four months to complete and then I hope it will be easier to keep on top the clutter from then on.

If anyone has a lot of personal paperwork to dispose of, I discovered that my local district council provided a household confidential waste service. I have to phone and pay for however many sacks I want and they are dropped off. When the sacks are full then I phone the council and they pick them up from the doorstep.

Hoarding has been an issue in our household over the years and finally starting to take control is a real boost.


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