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Tories partying during lockdown.

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If you can’t spot that it’s a party when you walk in, you really ought to take a trip to Barnard Castle to get your eyes tested.

Sunny Clouds:
Why do so many people favour having their country run by people who are incapable of basic things like distinguishing between a party and work?  What does that say about Boris's notion of what work entails?

Hang on - is it that the state curriculum system doesn't teach irregular verbs properly whereas Eton does? 

Eton verb conjugation:-

I'm working, he's partying
I'm important, he's a burden
I'm investing, he's squandering

Oik grammar (as per national curriculum):-

I work, he works
I care, he cares
I use money carefully, he uses money carefully

Yup, it's down to education.  (Declaration of interest - I attended a state primary in a very socially & culturally mixed area, and then got a scholarship to an 'independent' school, aka the sort that sends its alumnae regular begging missals saying "Look how many of our old girls are terribly important people, so give us money because we've squandered the great wealth we had.")

To be honest, I don't whether I should be laughing or crying at the sheer level of arrogance and flagrant disregard for the rules of lockdown that Boris et al has displayed by the overflowing suitcases of booze.


Sunny Clouds:

I very much wish I was surprised by what's been happening, but I'm not.  I was cynical abouit politicians anyway, aware that even the 'nice' ones still compromise their 'niceness' in order to rise to power and maintain it, but I've never seen the sort of Tories that Boris and his chums are as anything other than self-serving corrupt.

A different aspect of Boris & chums that I feel illustrates him and his.  It's the first that came to mind and there are oodles of others just as relevant.

Think whom he's filled his cabinet with.  For example, what I call 'nasty drawbridge immigrants' such as Raab (who seems to have forgotten that his father was a 1938 refugee) and Patel (who seems to think that her family's decision to come here to improve their lot was ok, but other families' decisions to come here to avoid starvation or murder isn't). 

People who have a sense of difference and superiority.  But then to be fair, Boris, born in America, therefore American citizen by birth, did resign his US citizenship.  Surely the reduction in his tax liabilities couldn't be relevant?

I could give other sorts of examples.  What this shows, though, is that for them, their sense of identity is based round being one of the elite, and if you're not, you can go and suffer, even starve or die (we all here know where to find examples of that in the context of disabled people and social security or lack of it).

Nope, sorry, can't resist another stab at them.  Boris & so many of his chums make a thing about being Christian, including, for instance, Gove, IDS etc.  Well, there are lots of interpretations of Christianity.  I think, though, that Boris must have been too busy reading Homer and Virgil to read the bible, or if he did, he skpped the bits about loving your neighbour and feeding the hungry.

So what would be surprising about a bunch of hypocrites and those they hang out with being hypocritical?

I so wish I did find it out of character when those in power behaved like this.


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