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Happy New year!

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I'm full of cold so am in bed hoping to get to sleep early so am wishing you all a happy new year whether you are staying up to see it in or not. Let's hope that 2022 brings back the ability for more connections with others and a more normal life 🥂🍾

Sunny Clouds:
Happy New Year, Ouchers!

I feel I had a very mixed year in 2021.  A lot didn't happen and I got depressed for a lot of it, but I learnt some important lessons, got to know some neighbours better, and really valued the company and help of Ouchers.

In the midst of my doom and gloom, you lovely Ouchers are part of what makes me think, putting it bluntly, that 2022 is worth staying alive for.


I am so glad to see the back of 2021. It's been a much harder year for me than 2020 and considering in 2020 I almost ended my life, that's not good news. I am so totally and utterly isolated, going weeks on end without speaking to a single soul. I am sick of Covid and restrictions and need to create myself some avenues for meeting new people. I'm starting with trying a new church but I hope groups start up again soon.

Let’s hope 2022 is a better year for everyone.  I’m lucky, as I am married with a lovely husband.  However, we’ve missed our family loads.   Covid has been the pits for everyone.  It’s affected so many lives, one way or another.   :big_hugs:

As others have said let's  hope this year is better than last. Happy new year to you all. :f_peacedove:


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