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Disability on Strictly come Dancing and other reality shows

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Anyone watching strictly? Having heard about Rose Ayling-Ellis being a celebrity contestant, although I don't have a TV licence so can't watch the show, I have watched her dances on YouTube. She's amazing and such a lovely person. I didn't know her before, not watching EastEnders.

What's interesting is that perhaps in an attempt to help mainstream viewers connect with her signing as well as the fact that she speaks what she's saying/signing, she's using SSE more than BSL but I absolutely love that she is sparking interest in society about BSL and how so many in the deaf community feel she is an inspiration to them. She's amazing and I loved Saturday's dance with the "surprise" element.

(thread title amended as other TV show also discussed) - KK

Sunny Clouds:
I don't watch Strictly, but I saw a Last Leg interview with her on Youtube and she came across as really bubbly.

Chatting with others in my over-50s group, the non-deafies were talking about it and really enthusiastic.  One of them raised the subject when they saw me and a couple of others comparing our hearing aids.  Currently, I think about a third of us in the group are hearing aid users, but we don't usually discuss it.

So in addition to being a general topic people could discuss, her success is being used by some as an opportunity to reach out.

I think that something she's achieving well is getting the message across that deafness doesn't necessarily affect people in the way we think.  I'd like it if she found opportunities to mention that deafness affects different people differently, but being famous doesn't mean she has to do that.  She's a dancer, not a deafness advocate.

She's said that in many interviews. She's frequently asked how she can dance when she can't hear the music and her answer is every deaf person experiences music and movement differently. For her it's less about the vibrations she feels in her body and more to do with timing and counting eg one-two-three etc but she does explain the diversity within the one disability really well. She's currently second favourite to win.

Sunny Clouds:
That sounds brilliant, her explaining things to people.

Yes, this series of Strictly is really good - I hadn't watched it for a few years, but I'm enjoying it this year.  Rose gets some of my votes  :thumbsup:


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