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"MPs with pea-shooters, water pistols and children's catapults"  Ah, I see you've seen the Scottish Tories Christmas wish list  :f_smiley:

Regarding changing the UK's fptp election system, there was for a few months some years back when Blair led Labour's opposition a chance that Labour would adopt PR but just like Cameron's concern for disabled children disappeared before his disabled son's dead body was cold Blair binned any such ideas as soon as he saw the majority the Labour Party would hold in Westminster following the 1997 election.

Sunny Clouds:
(Following up just about the Cameron thing.)

Whilst I believe that Cameron's response to Ivan's death was wrong and led to behaviour on his part that caused a lot of harm, I can see the logic of it.  I am not excusing it. 

We each find ways of coping with loss and his comment about Ivan being better off dead explained so much.

I believe that his feelings had a big influence on his policies after that and his failure to object to nasty policies by his ministers.  An idea that Ivan's death wasn't terrible, it was a release from suffering led so easily to a sense that disabled people in general are better off dead and that if they're not disabled enough to die, they're not really disabled and should pull themselves together and get on with life.

Ethically disgusting but logical.  The trouble is that enough other politicians had overlapping 'suffering children/relatives better off dead' experiences that this wasn't nipped in the bud.

Think how often, though, in various contexts & countries, the notion of disabled people suffering and being better off dead or never having been born has been promoted, used as an exuse for nasty things, or even just popular in attitude.

That's why I try to spread word about how easily this can lead to worse and how we have, as society, to pull together on it.  I particularly spread the word amongst non-disabled people and amongst disabled people who don't view themselves as disabled, reminding them of Pastor Niemoeller's "First they came for..."

The better off dead attitude can easily slip into the argument or discussion around assisted suicide or the people going to Switzerland. - sorry I can’t recall the proper terms. I just remember being told that it was a pity I was such a burden on my family and that attitude can be dangerous.

The original comment about the pm telling lies to the house and not being corrected is concerning. The fact that the majority of his comments that Dawn Butler called him out on were lies and the deputy speaker still hasn’t explained why she condoned the lies and evicted the person telling the truth.

Our Parliament is screwed

Sunny Clouds:
I believe we are on the brink of very dark days.  All I can do is to hope that we pull back from the edge.  In the thirties it was touch and go whether we became a fascist/nazi country.  What we were instead wasn't as nice as some people like to think of it, but it wasn't as bad as being in Nazi places. Unless you were Bengali, that is, where the difference between having a brown face plus starving to death in your own home as the British diverted food away from you, and having Jewish roots plus starving to death in a ghetto or work camp at the hands of Nazis, was just a nicety for later historians.  But if you were British in the UK, you were in with a good chance of being spared the worst excesses of extremism.

My current biggest political fear is the break-up of the UK.  I'm English but rely on Scottish and Northern Irish voters for my political safety.  My foreign roots in two different EU countries are too far back to give me a passport to escape with.

The other thing I cling onto apart from the hope we'll pull back from the brink is that if it gets really bad, ordinary people will pull together. And by ordinary people, I'm not referring to class, I simply mean non-powerful people.


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