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So now it's Javid's turn to fake Covid19 infection

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The guy has been in office for what amounts to a matter of days and already, seeing the bad news that's heading his way due to Johnson's gamble with reopening England to more Covid19 infection and probably more dangerous mutations of the virus, Javid's decided to hide himself away from any prying media he doesn't feel friendly enough by following the tried and tested, 'Oh I've tested positive' or 'I've got Covid19' fairy tale used by his predecessor and by freezer loving PM Johnson.

Convenient is it not that Javid should test positive for Covid19 just as Johnson's "Freedom Day" arrives?  For a supposedly intelligent man who will have witnessed already what has allegedly happened to both Johnson and Hancock so far as catching Covid19 goes one might have expected him, given his new position as "Secretary of State for Health", to be hyper careful not to become infected. Not only for the sake of his family and his own health but for the millions in England who are suffering him as their SoS for Health.

Naw it is, I suspect, another lie from a government which would not recognise the truth if it bit them on the ar..backside.

Sunny Clouds:
I think you're entirely correct in thinking that he'd be prepared to do something fake to stay out of the public eye, but I remain open as to whether this is faked or whether it's genuine and happened to occur at the right time to save him finding a different excuse.

I don't like how I feel about this, because a bit of me hopes that this is genuine and that it leaves him with a very nasty case of long covid.  I don't like it when I realise I'm wishing nasty things on people.  On the other hand, I'm just wishing Johnson & his mob would die, not, as they are, out there actually killing people.  

Sadly, I think that the government wants lots of 'vulnerable' people to die, because it wants lots of 'expensive' people to die.  Look how much could be cut off the benefits budget if loads of 'benny scroungers' (substitute your preferred nasty slur) dropped dead.  And more to the point, look how much more profitable a privatised, insurance-based NHS would be with fewer elders and disabled people expecting lots of care.

Ah, but long covid.  Gosh, they've been slow off the mark with branding it 'all in the mind' etc.  You know, the stuff they fling at people with ME/CFS.  They're going to have to get their act together on that one to keep the private companies taking over the NHS happy.

Sunny, how dare you!!!   you're well on your way to giving me nightmares :f_laugh:    As I was reading your posting there I had an 'orrible thought cross my mind, 'What would happen if Johnson decided to kill two birds with the same stone by moving 'The Smirk' from the Home Office to run the DWP with IDS as her assistant?  One of the first fitness to work assessment tests she would introduce would be a full blown Royal Marine Commando assault course to be completed before any claimant were to be allowed to make a claim, the next test would be on ability to swim with failing to reach the French coast indicating failure (note no rescue craft would be provided and water wings would be only optional).

I've posted as I have there as I've read somewhere that the government, maybe the DWP, are disputing the seriousness of long Covid19 so far as entitlement to welfare benefits goes. Basically they are refusing to recognise it as an illness of concern so far as welfare benefit qualification is involved. Perhaps they were simply expecting anyone in employment who suffered long covid to get back to work as if they were suffering a heavy cold.

Sunny Clouds:
The Smirk?  Would that be preta Patel?  Oh, hang on, I'm getting my languages mixed up.  She wouldn't be a deceased evil spirit, would she?  Er, second thoughts, maybe I haven't forgotten all my Hindi...

Yes that would be to whom I am referring.

:f_yikes: :f_bleep: :f_bleep: :f_bleep:   I just lost a posting I had written.

My comments were regarding the transmitting of Covid19 from those fully vaccinated. We have been being drip fed stories or comments from be it scientists of government politicians about how they are aware of some folk still able to pass on the virus even though vaccinated. It feels a bit like gaslighting. On one hand the government announces that those fully vaccinated can travel to much of Europe without the requirement to quarantine on our return but then that hardly sits well with the changed to the rules covering France. In the case of France it appears that the B variant of the virus is virtually unaffected by, to date, the Astra Zenica vaccine, odd that this was never mentioned when the B variant was discovered, we even had the Delta variant here before any stories/news of the resistance of the B variant to the AstraZenica were to be heard being made and even then neither the scientists nor any government official or minister felt it of any great importance or at least not so important that they should show or intimate any concern about any apparent issues with the vaccine, are they hiding something?


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