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How to use icons and which icons can you use?

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Sunshine Meadows:
I moved this thread from the Learning Zone so I could make a comment.

I want to get back to routinely adding icons to threads which have been started with just the default icon. The reason for this is to enhance the look and feel of Ouch Too and keep its more unique identity.

There are people using the plainer version of the Ouch Too format who cant be expected to add icons to their threads and I am happy to add them. However it occurred to me today that some of those people may object to me picking an icon for them so I was thinking if people would like to let me know they want the icon to be left as the default one I could avoid editing those threads.

Also in general is it better I mention the reason for the edit in the opening post or just leave the reason unsaid?

I don't mind them being added if they make it easier for other users but if they are added to threads that don't already have them, would it be possible to state what has been added, e.g. "added stats icon"? 
The only icons attached to threads that I can see are either the default or warning triangle and I would find it hard to deal with more colours & more graphics.

Sunshine Meadows:

--- Quote ---would it be possible to state what has been added, e.g. "added stats icon"?
--- End quote ---

I can do that for anyone who is using the plainer format but they would need to request it here or via PM.

I will take your post as a request and will add a description of the icon when I add one. If I forget to please feel okay about nudging me on the thread, here, or via PM


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