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Sunshine Meadows:
For the Ouch Too House Rules click on this link

I also want to emphasise the fact that people posting here must not give their real name, telephone number or address. All discussion about Welfare Rights will take place on the message board and individual members must not be contacted directly via email or personal messaging with requests for personal help.

Our aim is to  help people with benefits advice, however in posting here members are accepting the fact that nothing on this board constitutes legal advice. If people need more specific help we advise that they seek it from a professional, ask Citizens Advice, or visit the Benefits and Work website.

Thank you,

Sunshine Meadows:
We have decided to move the Welfare Rights section further up the Ouch Too listings and combine the sections we had into one larger section. The reason for doing this is because the the section was being missed by some people who did not scroll down to look at the whole listings.

I am going to limit the amount of sticky threads because too much static infomation on a message board can be stifling. However in order to make the information based threads more obvious we are going to use the red and blue exclaimation mark message icon to label those threads.

Members who have been here for a while will know we are not strict about which location a thread is started in unless it is obviously wrong, so please feel free to use the board you would like to use eg Talk or Welfare Rights to post you comments and questions in.


Sunshine Meadows:
Update to the Disclaimer.

Ouch Too Disclaimer: The information on both the Ouch Too message board and here on the Blog is given in good faith. As benefit claimants ourselves we have learnt more about the process of claiming by  talking to others people via the message board and also through researching the information online and in books, We  do not accept personal responsibility for how the information or advice is used or what happens as a consequence of its use. The information and advice given should not be defined as legal advice.


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