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Sunshine Meadows:
Message icons can be added when you start a thread but also when you add each additional post.

To chose the icon you wish to use click on the drop down arrow (see screen shot) and choose the one you want from the list. After you choose the icon it will show to the right of the list, in the screen shot i chose grin.

Sunshine Meadows:
I love the way this works because we can triangle individual posts if we wish too eg I have tirangled this post.

Sunshine Meadows:
Important information for people who are sensitive and easily triggered.

It should be easier for people to make sensitive or potentially triggering threads and posts with a yellow warning triangle. In order for this system to work it is important that people who are sensitive and easily triggered avoid viewing recent messages, show unread posts since last visit, and show new replies to your posts, from the Home page. Triangles warning are more easily seen if you browse via the different board heads and navigate through the thread list.

This system took time to create but it worked well on the old site.


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