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Sunshine Meadows:
Okay so over on Aimoo I could not label the smilies they just had numbers but now if you put your mouse arrow ove this smilie :-) you should see the word smile.

Also we had a problem on Aimoo with the way all the smilies had to be listed together and also we had to keep the default Aimoo smilies but here you can see a list above the reply box and also get more smilies in a pop up box when you click more.

Please see screenshots. Click on the thumbnail to make it bigger.  >magicfairy<

Sunshine Meadows:
The other nice thing that we did not have on Aimoo is smilies can be used in Quick Replies :- ) without the added space is :-)

Sunshine Meadows:
Please click on the thumnails to get bigger screenshots.  >thumbsup<

Sunshine Meadows:
I already know there are a few smilies I still need to bring over from Aimoo, to help out please let me know the ones that you would like to see here that are not alread here.


Sunshine Meadows:
Something else that happens with smilies that we did not have on Aimoo is that the smilie is posted where ever you put the cursor and so we are no longer stuck having to move smilies from the end of a post where you actually want them.  >flying<


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