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Where is Quick Reply?

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Sunshine Meadows:
Compared to Aimoo there is an extra on screen click to get Quick Reply to show, but once you click the + the application is better than what we had.

See below.

Quick reply is accessed by going to the bottom of of the thread and clicking on the + next to the words Quick Reply
This version is better than Aimoo because I have been able to set smilie short cuts and so far we have :- ) :-) ;- ) ;-) and  :- ( :-(

Please also see next post.

Using Quick Reply

You can also set a profile option to keep the Quick Reply box open at all times.

Go to the "Profile" menu near the top of the page and select "Forum Profile", then go to the "Modify Profile" menu a little further down. Select "Look and Layout", then set the "Use quick reply on topic display:" option to "show, on by default". Finally, click "Change profile" to save the update.

Sunshine Meadows:

I was hoping that you would look through the software and post tips- Thank you  >thankyou< and post more when you have more.


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