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Hello OUCH READERS :f_smiley: :f_smiley: :f_smiley: :f_winkeye:

I'm writting with great excitment as today I've just got a brand new Wheelchair it feel's like a range rover compared to a mini I feel like I can lay back + relax it is wider the air can flow over my lap the brake handel's are not the usual ball the bogie wheel's are wide so I can easily go over lunpy bumby grass field's I have a strech bar between the 2 pushing handel;'s so I do'nt lean over to the left my weak side :f_smiley: :f_smiley: :f_smiley: :f_smiley:

Sunshine Meadows:
That is great news  :biggrin:

This sounds like a huge improvement 👏
Have fun and new adventures!

Brilliant  :thumbsup:    Enjoy your extended travels!

Sunny Clouds:
That's really cheered me up to read that, Bule.


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