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Unintended consequences of lockdowns

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Actually, Sunny, just a walk in a local park can be nice on its own - I do this about three times a week, taking my flask of coffee and tying it in with a trip into town to top up grocery items or whatever.  I have an old MP3 that I plug into as well, and even if I'm not speaking to fellow walkers I often find myself smiling as we pass, so there is a little bit of interaction there!

Of course, the approaching Jubilee Weekend means there will be quite a lot of organised activity going on in various parks around the country, maybe worth looking into unless you're worried about too many people being around...

I tried going out today and got as far as the post office, the local boots, butchers shops were closed and the buses were on a Saturday service, I’d forgotten that today was being treated as if it was a bank holiday in place of Thursday.  I could feel myself starting to panic and headed home. I knew I couldn’t face the shopping centre as it would be too busy, means I need to do everything tomorrow.

Sunny Clouds:
Monic - busy shopping centres can be horrid.  It's not just that the numbers of people in a shopping centre at those times can be different, it's what sort of people.  I notice the same thing on a lesser level as between days of the week and also as between times of day.  I don't mean what class or gender or whatever, I mean whether they're people pottering, in a rush etc.  Also there seem to be more 'dash around vigorously' people at some times/days than others.

I hope tomorrow is quiet for you.

Sunny Clouds:
Kizzy - I've begun to realise in recent years that I'm not really into parks just for the environment, but then I live in a quiet road, lined with trees, with gardens front and back.  I rarely go in my back garden as opposed to looking out of the window.  (I particularly like watching the foxes on my lawn and smiling at absurdities like cats lounging on a raised flowerbed about a foot or perhaps two feet below a load of blue tits.)

I'm looking out of my window now, aware that at some point I'm going to have to get my act together to sell up and move, and aware that I'm unlikely to be able to find a place with as lovely and large a front garden as I have here.  It's not even just about having my own front garden, it's about having one that's opposite houses and gardens and not big walls and railings. 

I met my new friend at the cinema yesterday and enjoyed getting out. We then went for a walk around some charity shops before she needed to catch her bus home and I got a taxi back.  So all in all it was a successful outing  :f_smiley: .  We're going to try and do the same thing next week.
There's also been a newsletter round for the U3A about a monthly meeting for a talk on local history of the area using Old postcards as the focus that might be interesting so I think I'll put my name down for that too. I may get the chance to meet some different people from the Brunch group.

Thank you to everyone for talking about their own experiences regarding socialising. I find it very hard to maintain friendships as I find myself so unreliable with chronic illness and many people don't understand the reason for me failing to make contact regularly and relationships break down when I really don't intend them to. Because of this I have just a couple of close friends who totally get me, even if we don't talk for months at a time I know that I could depend on them in a crisis. But I miss them on a daily basis, if that makes sense.


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