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Apologies for the absence!


I've not posted for a while after a series of calamities.
Firstly my tablet finally stopped working; it had been threatening to for ages and I was limping it along as best I could until one day it had finally had enough! I couldn't afford to replace it until I had saved up enough to replace it, but now I'm finally back online.  :f_smiley:

Health wise things have been a bit up and down starting new meds etc and dealing with side effects which have now calmed down somewhat.

I'll pop over to 3am later and fill you in on other goings on.

Anyway, it's good to be back and I'm busy reading and catching up with Ouch news.  :big_hugs:  to everyone. You've all been in my thoughts.

Sunny Clouds:

It's not good that you've had a series of calamities, but it's good that you're surviving them and still with us.


You can't get rid of me that easily  :f_laugh: :f_laugh:

Sunny Clouds:

--- Quote from: ditchdwellers on 29 May 2022 12:22PM ---You can't get rid of me that easily  :f_laugh: :f_laugh:

--- End quote ---

One can always hope   :f_whistle:


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