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Rishi Sunak's excuse (benefits)

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Sunny Clouds:
So many issues to do with what you've got equipment-wise that it blows my brain when people don't realise how lucky they are.  I can sort of cope with those that genuinely don't see it, but I refuse to accept that an MP who volunteers in a foodbank wouldn't know about his privilege unless he deliberately closes his eyes to what's in front of him.

So many issues relating to variations in personal costs  for health, sanitary items, disability equipment (including maintenance of it), dietary needs etc., etc.  Surely you can't volunteer in a foodbank without hearing people say they need basic toiletries, sanitary products, first aid stuff etc?

So many things so many of us have to remind ourselves not to take for granted.  What did we do before a fridge?  Ah yes, the meatsafe sheltered by the coalshed.  Hmm, so where do you get a meatsafe (or the stuff to make it with) and where do you put it in that tower block flat or that bedsit or that hotel room your council's crammed your whole family into?

When I was a kid, we still did some of our cooking over the coal fire.  If I needed to, I've got a fireplace and a garden with lots of  mature trees and shrubs to provide firewood if I wanted it.  That's sorted, then, if you don't have a functioning cooker.  Scavenge burnable stuff like card people have put out for the recycling and have a bonfire in your bedsit, hotel room the council crammed your whole homeless family into, or tower block flat.  Hmm.  Maybe check the cladding first?


I am not feeling very coherent right now, so I will just say that I am not fond of posturing tories or any other kind.   :f_steam:


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