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How is everyone getting on this week? Any plans?

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I've just written a long post (for me) and my >expletive deleted< clumsy stupid fingers have (again) hit some sort of button which wiped the lot.  Can I have a new pair of better working hands, please  :f_steam: :f_doh: :f_wah: The shorter version:

Fiz, I assume you've tried dousing padlock's keyhole with WD40?

DD, have you managed any items off your list yet? (I'm a great fan of plans)

Sunny  :xfingers: re the boiler and you were well brave actually phoning a large organisation, which is something I try to avoid like, well, Covid-19 really (which started all the trouble getting through to any institution/company in the first place -  one wonders when it will end....)

As for me this week to date, I've at last sorted a problem I had with my bank, so one happy bunny!

Hello DitchDweller

I now live in the village Wigginton to the North of York + we have 2 duck pond's Gessee seem to like 1 + duck's the other + I get a bag of wild bird food recomened by the RSPB they are greed critter's as I throw hand full's of seed in front of them I get a warm + fuzzy sence of pride + pleasure feeding them have'nt seen any baby's yet But I am entering a scare crow compation + as I'm disabled it will have only one leg + Sarah (staff) has a pair of flowery legging's I bought a pair of boot's with flower's painted on them but will need only 1 boot + we'll go for the flower power look + aged hippy will try to get a make beileve pot pipe (don't tell the police) joke

Sunny Clouds:
Gosh, that's a mixed bag of ups and downs.  I'm mentally gathering in the smiles from Ouchers having better days and distributing them amongst Ouchers having worse days.

Fiz - if all else fails with the lock, it may be possible to attack it with heavy duty bolt cutters like thieves do with some padlocks.  If you don't have any, it might be worth putting word out with neighbours that  you need to borrow some.

Bule - lovely of you to get proper bird food not bread.  So much better for the birds' health.

Kizzy - bank?  Well done! 

I used to have some WD40 and I rarely get rid of things so might be able to try that. Unless I have put it in the shed.

I am continuing to struggle. Just taking life one day at a time right now.

Sunny Clouds:
I wish I could 'un-struggle' you.  I know hugs don't do a lot, but it comes with hope for you



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