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How is everyone getting on this week? Any plans?

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After having covid there seems to be so much mess, clutter, and paperwork that needs to be attended to. My dining table and chairs seem to be heaped with "stuff ".

At the weekend I sowed some seeds in my new windowsill propagator but the packaging hasn't yet made it into the recycling!

So my plans for the week consist of:

1. Putting the three boxes of books that are going to my sister in the back of the car. My husband will have to shift these.

2. Sort out the items for the charity shop and put them in a bag

3. Install the new modem that's been sitting in a box for weeks!

4. File all the paperwork, recycle envelopes, put sensitive papers in confidential waste sack.

5. Recycle all the packaging materials in boxes laying around.

And I think that is my week planned out for me!
It helps me to break things down into individual tasks so I tick them off one at a time. It seems less overwhelming this way otherwise I look at our huge table and don't know where to start. Plus it's a great way to pace if , like me, you have fatigue issues; I will sit down and have a cup of tea between tasks. I'm really tired at the moment and I think I'm still struggling with some of the after effects of covid compounded by my usual fatigue and narcolepsy.

So what is your week looking like? Do you have any plans? How are things for you?

Sunny Clouds:
I'm struggling myself, so I can't get my head round making a proper reply now but just wanted to say hugs and I'll read what you wrote in more detail later and respond properly.


I'm struggling too. The wretched PIP review is still not looked at. I actually left the house today to collect owing items from the pharmacy which still aren't in after 7 days so I have ordered some from Amazon. It's such a trial leaving the house or making a phone call I've taken the easy option. I wore a mask everywhere I went but I didn't see anyone else anywhere wearing one. I did wonder whether because I so rarely leave the house maybe I am behind the times wearing a mask and maybe I look odd?!

Tomorrow I plan to put some things in the shed which will clear some space in the kitchen. And there's the Mind peer support group on zoom at midday. My weekly event where I actually speak.

I used to have a short list of tasks for each day but recently one thing feels like an achievement.

Sunny Clouds:
DD - it seems like you've got a practical plan for the week.  Encouraging.

Fiz, too, doing some bits of practical stuff.

I'm in a bit of a mess emotionally.  My boiler's broken down and it's not a heating crisis because I have electrical alternatives, but it means trusting the boiler company I have an annual service contract with to fix it. They've looked after my family's boilers for about 40 years, and they were always symbolic for me of whom I can trust, but a couple of years back, they ripped me off, so it hurts.

Anyway, they're visiting tomorrow and if they say it's not covered, I'll get quotes elsewhere.

Meanwhile,  I just had a letter from HMRC in response to a letter I sent them literally a year ago, saying sorry it's taken them so long, and they can't answer my question because my circumstances might have changed.

I phoned HMRC and got through to a member of staff who was very obviously having a breakdown, barely able to interact calmly, so I tried again and got through to someone helpful.

But I'm still struggling enormously with a sense I can't trust anyone. 

On the other hand, I went for a walk and there were kind and smiling people and it helped. 

I had a really bad night and took diazepam at 4.30am to calm down so today hasn't been great. I would have put things in the shed but the padlock keys won't turn. The very solid padlock that is only a few months old is going rusty and appears to have jammed. Now how am I going to get into the shed? You would think large solid padlocks are meant for the outdoors? I didn't keep the B&Q receipt. No idea how I will get in the shed now. So today has been pants. Also realised it's my son's birthday tomorrow and am hoping Moonpig is way more effecient than I could be. My head is all over the place.


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