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The dreaded PIP review

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I probably meet all that criteria for walking as it ignores pain and ignores that often when going from A to B there are times when you need to stand or walk very slowly which is very painful for me. It's the reason that I bought the powerchair. It's most useful at church when people greet you at the door or in the aisle and want to chat which is painful but I would be more than capable of reliably walking from my car into church and to my seat time and time again if it weren't for those pauses and interruptions. This is where descriptors are complete pants. I need the chair but not because I can't repeatedly and reliably in a timely manner walk so many metres. Ho hum. Not sure what to write there.

Sunny Clouds:
I'm sorry that list didn't help.  Maybe Monic or someone would know of a clause, definition or case that might help with your sort of problem.

Have a look at the site.  Look up back and neck pain, and, take it from there.  It has a lot of regulations and case laws which could be helpful for your pip claim.  You can copy and paste the actual case, and, Google them online.  Hope it helps x

Sunshine Meadows:

Sorry you are having a rough time with PIP review  :big_hugs:  Am I right in thinking you have a shorter form to fill in not the thicker booklet type on. If so I consider them sending you that as a plus because well it seems to me that they are accepting that the previous 2018 claim was correct and want to know about changes for the better or worse. If it is a review then I would leave off sending anything used in your 2018 claim but you could say something like for example,' Ongoing from the evidence I gave in my 2018 claim related to walking I have become more debilitated and user a power chair. I can walk (describe what walking is like pain and repeatability etc) However when I try to stand still I easily fall over and have to find something stable like a wall to lean on.

If you got the maximum rates for both parts of PIP last time I suggest you focus on showing your level of ability has not got any better (assuming it hasn't). Showing ongoing evidence matters but in some ways I believe  the pain and stress caused to you has to be balanced.

On another note I know someone who had a review date back  in 2020 the paperwork was sent in and the review date has been pushed back to March 2022 and still no news. I woulc think it is likely you can enjoy the summer before you get another brown envelope.

Please note I am writing off the cuff as to my personal experience and don't have any actual training in Welfare Rights.

Tbh I haven't actually read the form as I panic when I pick it up but yes it's definitely not the full thickness amount of the original PIP application form. I've just read the CAB guide to the review form which said that although the form is wanting to know about any changes, that you should still fully example your difficulties with every activity in full so in some ways it's quite like the original form and I guess that I should have sheets of paper ready to expand on answers. Given my inability to actually start I think I need to contact the DWP to request an extension but the thought of making a phone call to them feels horrendous and I can barely breathe. I dreamt a lot last night all about the wretched form and one part was me queueing up at an open air Nat West branch to request a copy of the referral letter the AMHT Consultant Psychologist had written to add to the referral my GP was making for application for treatment at the South London and Maudsley Trauma and Dissociation service. When I woke up it was bizarre as why would I go to a bank and ask for that plus I don't even bank with Nat West but that letter might actually be useful.

The Consultant Psychologist forgot to send me a copy of the letter and although I suspect my GP has a copy as she'll have been sent it to include with her referral my GP only works 2 days a week and is impossible to get hold of between booked appointments so I phoned AMHT. The Consultant Psychologist was part of AMHT but has left there now but I have asked them to send me a copy of her letter. I was pretty tearful and told whoever answered the phone that I am feeling very overwhelmed and I have no support with my mental health right now and have only had one brief visit from CMHT since being discharged from hospital and have no contacts or support now. She said she would pass this to the team and see if they have any thoughts.

I'm having pretty dark thoughts. I don't cope with stress well.


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